I recently purchased a set of rare and highly desirable Mazdaspeed MS01R alloy wheels from Dan at SMC. The wheels arrived well packaged, and just as described. Dan's communication was excellent throughout the exchange, ensuring a smooth sale for both parties - would recommend to anyone.

Tom C, London

Dan at SMC was great to deal with when selling my MX5. I had dealt with a lot of previous people who messed me around however we picked a date and all went smoothly! He was very helpful with the paperwork as it was the first time I had sold a car to a business. Can honestly say selling a car would be easier if it went this way the first time every time!

Dan W, Sidcup

I couldn't believe after putting my MX5 up for sale that within a few hours, Dan from SMC was showing interest and made an offer which I accepted. After many conversations he advised he'd arrange collection from me in Milton Keynes, to transport her back to Sunderland. WOW this was certainly someone that had a love for Mazda's to be arranging a collection!
The transportation service was excellent. I was called by Darren a couple of times throughout the morning advising me of where he was and he arrived in Milton Keynes bang on time. Couldn't have asked for a better service.
I understand Dan has a passion for MK1 MX5's and I am so pleased that my little lady has gone to someone who clearly appreciates such a classic car.

Gina M, Milton Keynes

I recently decided to sell my low mileage 1989 Eunos Roadster. After I advertised it for possible sale I was contacted by Dan from SMC. Dan offered a fair price and bought the car 'sold unseen'. The transaction was very smooth and despite SMC being based near Sunderland and the car being in Bristol the collection and payment happened without a hitch. It was good to deal with a garage that values the originality and quality of these little sports cars.

Mike F, Bristol